Saturday, September 29, 2012


it's a secret,
but did you know i have super powers?
i just found out recently
that my super power is being an
(in) courager.

stayed tuned to this ama channel
for more details on Tuesday!

Friday, September 28, 2012

sneak peek friday ~ sept 28th

it's been a few weeks
weeks that have been hard to be in the studio
i took baby steps back in this week

ever wonder to do with cards
you receive that you want to save forever?

i received one that made me smile
in the midst of a hard thing...

this is what it became...

the inside of the card is on the back

and a little glitter made it sparkle

now it will find a home on my wall
and every time i see it
i will smile and remember
the love of my dear sister.

what have you created recently?
please share
and remember to visit

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holy Father
take these words 
that swirl about
use them

still my heart
that your gracious will
be found for them

close my mouth 
open my ears
unbind my heart
quiet my thoughts
stir up my passion

quiet me that i hear your voice
sing to my soul 
that i may find harmony with you

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

surface sparkling like diamonds

ferris wheel turning in the distance

toes dancing amid sea grass

sun warming weary bones

 soul stills

 heart opening

hands unclenching

each wave whispering love

there You are waiting

He said, 

‘My presence will go with you, 

                           and I will give you rest.’  

(Exodus 33.14)

Monday, September 24, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~sept 24th

today is monday
a day to remember my gifts.
not of gifts i want. 
but gifts given by the giver of all.

540 early morning smiles

541 watching da bear fulfill a dream

542 omelets made and shared in perfect love

543 third birthdays

544 hugs from a sister

545 strong coffee

546 bath time

547 baby sitting for date time

548 writing while on the water

549 words from a sister that help me avoid disaster

550 sunsets at the beach

551 moments of perfection with those I love most

552 gifts from the sea

553 doggy friends

554 waves at my feet

555 coming home

556 watching da bear be brave

557 hugs from da mama

558 writing with a sister 
(watch close a week from today)

559 playing in the waves with da baby 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

may this weekend find you with your oar in the water, sharing laughter with loved ones, discovering quiet moments with the gift giver, and the peace that passes understanding in your heart.

Friday, September 14, 2012

avoiding disaster

the bear's dreams are about to come true and as he is getting ready the hiss begins...

"you are not meant for this..."

fear rises, the hard work done to be whole starts to unravel.

"you can't even fit into your bathing suit..."

a new one is bought and still the hiss grows...

"you can't do it..."

unkind words are said, a tantrum thrown.  if i don't go, i cannot fail.

"your shoulder is not healed..."

i sulk and stay in the car.  tears come.  the hiss crests at its peak.

"you can't even find your way with a map..."

then ann's words split my soul open.

the hiss quiets.

with holy help i tell it to go away.

i open the car door and enter the shop.

a smile breaks across his face as he says, "we just avoided disaster!"

yes, yes we did.

thank you to sisters who share their words, God words, found in places they are needed most especially while sitting outside a bait shop.  words that remind me i can do all things through the One who strengthens me.


breathing again
as i enjoy time away
with da bear
da baby
da mama
and da j

not sure if posts 
will happen or not

the sea, sun, sand,
and love are calling.

see you when i do.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dear me

my dearest julie fruits (that name will one day make you smile),

My heart aches as I see your sweet face so full of doubt and fear.  My older self whispers to your heart that you are loved in ways you only dream of right now.

All that work and worry trying to fit in?  Let it go.  Easier said than done I know, yet in the end not being a homecoming princess really won’t be as important as it seems now.  You will find your value in a way you cannot imagine right now.

Not dressing like everyone else?  Promise, it never is possible.  Wear those comfortable jeans and go barefoot when you can.  Fashion rules will continue to escape you.  Find a friend to shop with…one day a daughter will remind you to put the old lady clothes back on the rack and walk away.  Shoes will never get easier, but some day you will love your pink Dansko’s.  And yes, you will love pink even though your tomboy self cringes as you read this.

That boy that you were so shy around?  The one you think is breaking your heart?  He won’t be the “one.”  That one comes as a gift much later than you hope for but at just the right time for you to appreciate the work a godly marriage takes.  He will teach you about love and even more about laughter.

Those girls that seem to have it all?  They are really as frightened as you are you just cannot see it.  35 years later your lives are much alike.  Right now they seem so different than you, yet they too will be hurt, have their hearts broken, and sadly some still are frightened all this time later.  Love them anyway even when they don’t see 16 year old you.

Not being able to engage in small talk with strangers?  Would you believe someday soon you will love it?  You will still prefer deeper, longer, and more intimate conversations, yet it will be a way for you to open the doors to those possibilities.

There are so many things I want to warn you of, choices you will make, people who will leave wounds, events that will shatter you into millions of pieces, but each of them will lead you to a bridge that will begin a new journey in your heart and in your life.  It will be a journey there are no words for.  And I promise, a journey that is worth the wait.  A journey that will lead to a love that changes everything. 

Until then precious one, be gentle with yourself.  You are safe, there is hope and you are loved more than you can ever know.  Your heart will still get broken some days, you will still cry big tears, yet you will laugh more and learn how to live a life of thanksgiving because you are loved all the way to new life.

This Dear Me post written to my teenage self is part of Emily Freeman‘s celebration for her newest book, just release called Graceful. It’s a book for young women (remember her first book, Grace for the Good Girl, for us grown ups?–it’s like that only really different because it’s for teenage girls).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayer for Peace

My heart is heavy as I remember that day and learned again how an instant can change everything...

here are words much better than mine...

Father of all mankind,
   you look with great love on all your people
   of whatever race, culture and religion. 
We ask you to bless us this day
   and send your Holy Spirit upon us 
   and upon all the diverse peoples of our world:
   the Spirit of peace and justice, 
   of understanding and reconciliation.
May people of violence
   allow themselves to be touched
   by the plight of those who suffer,
   and may your Spirit help broaden the horizons 
   and deepen the understanding of us all. 
We make this our prayer
   through Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen. 

Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC
in Volume 1 of 'Walk In My Presence', a book of prayer services
ISBN 1-898366-60-8
(Matthew James Publishing, Chelmsford, England) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~ sept. 10th

it is monday
the day to share the gifts
i have been given
by the gift giver
they cost no gold or silver

560 working with brothers and sisters on the place we call home

561 glitter

562 running into an unexpected person in a place i didn't want to go

563 coconut cake made by da bear (from scratch)

564 countdowns to birthdays

565 places to be still

566 safe places to untangle knots

567 being dive bombed by hummingbirds

568 unexpected presents in the mail

569 seedless grapes almost frozen

570 prayer time with my sisters that include tissue

571 leaves beginning to show signs of fall 

572 finishing hard outside work just as it begins to rain

573 tenderloin biscuits

574 magic wands on sale for birthdays

575 seeing a sister live into her future

576 new roads to familiar places

577 laughing with a sister as we share hard things

578 God getting my attention when i least expect it

579 praying for a sister at 3am and learning later it was just what she needed just when she needed it

remember to visit ann and friends 
here to see their lists.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

a way out

in our family the garage is my husband's space.  in the course of a normal day one won't usually find me in it.

yet the other morning i felt a need to open the door and look inside.  i then heard it...

a peep... 

then another...

then what became a plaintive cry for help...

i turned the lights on and the brightness caused the bird to fly out of fear...

the frightened bird flew from one side of the garage to another where pinholes of light could be seen.

back and forth the poor thing flew.  my gentle words of no comfort to it as its fear rose to new heights of panic resulting in faster trips across the garage.

worried i would cause more harm, i left the door open and went back inside.  

when i checked a while later, the little bird was still trapped.

i knew then i would have to get its attention in a more dramatic way.  i opened the big garage door and walked away.

this is the point in the story i would like to say the bird immediately flew free, but the reality is i had to go back inside.

when i returned the bird was gone.  my heart was happy and i prayed the bird was safely home with its bird family, but i will never know if it truly was.

as i thought about that little bird i realized God comes to me in little ways, often in darkness or shadows of doubt and fear, but i don't respond.  there are times God has to use a more dramatic way to get my attention.  

sadly God is in those quiet places if i settle down just enough to pay attention...usually i don't.  i pray this weekend i am able to be still and listen in the quiet places.  be still with me?

God promises He is there...

He leads me in right paths*

   for his name’s sake. 
Psalm 23.3

Friday, September 7, 2012

sneak peek friday ~ Sept 7th

it is my second favorite day of the week!
time for peeking into studios
of my friends!
head over to studio jru
to see what jennifer 
and all her friends are up to.

this is what happened in my studio this week:

this piece has  been in process for a while
(you may remember the background)
as i worked with it i knew who it belonged to
and it flowed.

remember the sunflowers?
these pieces came from their leftovers.
the idea of co-creating with God has been present
so if you look closely you will find that
the backgrounds include words
of Scripture.

won't  you share your art with us?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I come from the fast pace and transition that is life in California.  My husband comes from a tiny town on a Tennessee mountain where the land is in your soul.  This place we now call home is just right for both of us in so many ways.  For us it is a via media if you will. 

One of the hardest transitions for me as a “newcomer” was figuring out how to fit into this new community.  I had tried all “the” things to make new friends.  

Art classes.  

Hanging out at the coffee shop.  

Volunteering with an agency that does amazing things for children.  

Reaching out to other newbies.  

Yet still I felt lonely.  This friend thing with other women is still a bit new to this tomboy me and seminary brought me the bestest of best.  Having lost physical proximity with those relationships left a gaping hole. 

I likely came off as needy and insecure in my desire to build relationships which may have pushed folks even further away.  After a few hurtful attempts at making new friends I withdrew into my own world of art and family and solitary pursuits. 

See, it is so hard to “break into” a community when you are new and those you meet have lived their whole life there.  

On top of that I am California through and through… I didn’t grow up at the beach, yet the lifestyle of a place forms so much of who we we talk, how we dress, how we interact with many things we just don't think about until we no longer have it.  

Oh and did I mention I am a female in ordained ministry? 

A part of me began to wither.  I spent much time praying to God about feeling lonely and stranded.

Then I “stumbled” upon this amazing book with words I could have written or if not written have thought once or twice.  

That book led me to this incredible on line community.  

This community has led me to a place I am beginning to form authentic relationships in new ways.  

Many of these women I will likely never meet face to face.  Yet many of them have been walking with me through a difficult time.  

They help me be brave.  

They help me find my voice when I lose it.

They have brought much joy into my heart and life.  

Yet mostly?  They helped me to find God in the desert again. 

There are some who blog words I know God meant just for me. 

There are some who take pictures that feed my soul.

There are some who create things I see when I close my eyes.

There are some who write books about being a woman, a child of God, a mom, a wife, a sister, or a friend that remind me I am not alone.

These women may never know how much I needed just what God gave them to share yet each one has helped me to find my way back to that place of feeling connected to other women.  Of reminding me that I belong.    

I thank God for this community and for leading me here as I searched for friendship.  

I pray it blesses you as it has blessed me.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

multitudes on (monday) tuesday ~ sept. 4th

it is monday  tuesday...
a day to remember those gifts
i already have 
thanks to the gift giver.

580 those who work hard to make my life easier

581 taking risks in the studio

582 bear made egg sandwiches topped with fresh tomatoes he grew

583 a spouse wanting to catch the spark that began on a mountain top

584 Bible study that feeds my weary soul

585 being wrapped in forgiving arms after difficult words

586 reminders that relationship aren’t about perfection and all about loving one another in the middle of our messes

587 a relaxing and easy lunch with a sister in Christ

588 baking communion bread with a loved one for those we both love

589 empty inboxes

590 praying with a sister for our girls who are mamas

591 pictures of da baby on my phone

592 for the reminder of why i do what i do

593 hearing da bear giggle as he watches a video

594 fresh figs delivered to my doorstep

595 sleeping in with da bear and da beast on a rainy holiday

596 seeing a boy i love becoming a daddy to be proud of

597 remembering drying time is blessed

598 words of epiphany… “His way past is so beyond our wildest imagination that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a matter of making us happy right here and now. His kingdom purposes are so beyond. They are so grand and are being worked out in such a way that they might be beyond our mental capacity to comprehend.” ~Phyllis Shirer

599 morning glories wrapping around fall tomatoes

what are you thankful for?
won't you link up with ann and friends at a holy experience and share yours too?
it is amazing how much we have to be grateful for, yes?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

to say thank you for those who work hard that my life is made easier, a prayer:

Almighty God, you have so linked our lives one with another that all we do affects, for good or ill, all other lives: So guide us in the  work we do, that we may do it not for self alone, but for the common good; and, as we seek a proper return for our own labor, make us mindful of the rightful aspirations of other workers, and arouse our concern for those who are out of work; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. 


a song:

will catch up with Multitudes tomorrow.  May all who are weary rest this day.