Friday, September 14, 2012

avoiding disaster

the bear's dreams are about to come true and as he is getting ready the hiss begins...

"you are not meant for this..."

fear rises, the hard work done to be whole starts to unravel.

"you can't even fit into your bathing suit..."

a new one is bought and still the hiss grows...

"you can't do it..."

unkind words are said, a tantrum thrown.  if i don't go, i cannot fail.

"your shoulder is not healed..."

i sulk and stay in the car.  tears come.  the hiss crests at its peak.

"you can't even find your way with a map..."

then ann's words split my soul open.

the hiss quiets.

with holy help i tell it to go away.

i open the car door and enter the shop.

a smile breaks across his face as he says, "we just avoided disaster!"

yes, yes we did.

thank you to sisters who share their words, God words, found in places they are needed most especially while sitting outside a bait shop.  words that remind me i can do all things through the One who strengthens me.


  1. Trying the post thing again.

    1. How about that! It worked! Glad you avoided your disaster!

  2. To silence the hiss long enough to hear the true whisper, an ongoing battle - pleased you were the victor Julie.