Monday, September 10, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~ sept. 10th

it is monday
the day to share the gifts
i have been given
by the gift giver
they cost no gold or silver

560 working with brothers and sisters on the place we call home

561 glitter

562 running into an unexpected person in a place i didn't want to go

563 coconut cake made by da bear (from scratch)

564 countdowns to birthdays

565 places to be still

566 safe places to untangle knots

567 being dive bombed by hummingbirds

568 unexpected presents in the mail

569 seedless grapes almost frozen

570 prayer time with my sisters that include tissue

571 leaves beginning to show signs of fall 

572 finishing hard outside work just as it begins to rain

573 tenderloin biscuits

574 magic wands on sale for birthdays

575 seeing a sister live into her future

576 new roads to familiar places

577 laughing with a sister as we share hard things

578 God getting my attention when i least expect it

579 praying for a sister at 3am and learning later it was just what she needed just when she needed it

remember to visit ann and friends 
here to see their lists.

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