Saturday, September 8, 2012

a way out

in our family the garage is my husband's space.  in the course of a normal day one won't usually find me in it.

yet the other morning i felt a need to open the door and look inside.  i then heard it...

a peep... 

then another...

then what became a plaintive cry for help...

i turned the lights on and the brightness caused the bird to fly out of fear...

the frightened bird flew from one side of the garage to another where pinholes of light could be seen.

back and forth the poor thing flew.  my gentle words of no comfort to it as its fear rose to new heights of panic resulting in faster trips across the garage.

worried i would cause more harm, i left the door open and went back inside.  

when i checked a while later, the little bird was still trapped.

i knew then i would have to get its attention in a more dramatic way.  i opened the big garage door and walked away.

this is the point in the story i would like to say the bird immediately flew free, but the reality is i had to go back inside.

when i returned the bird was gone.  my heart was happy and i prayed the bird was safely home with its bird family, but i will never know if it truly was.

as i thought about that little bird i realized God comes to me in little ways, often in darkness or shadows of doubt and fear, but i don't respond.  there are times God has to use a more dramatic way to get my attention.  

sadly God is in those quiet places if i settle down just enough to pay attention...usually i don't.  i pray this weekend i am able to be still and listen in the quiet places.  be still with me?

God promises He is there...

He leads me in right paths*

   for his name’s sake. 
Psalm 23.3


  1. One key thing there, the bird was in a bad situation and what did he do? Fly toward the darkness? NO. He flew toward the LIGHT. He saw saftey and freedom in the LIGHT. Something to ponder on.