Monday, September 24, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~sept 24th

today is monday
a day to remember my gifts.
not of gifts i want. 
but gifts given by the giver of all.

540 early morning smiles

541 watching da bear fulfill a dream

542 omelets made and shared in perfect love

543 third birthdays

544 hugs from a sister

545 strong coffee

546 bath time

547 baby sitting for date time

548 writing while on the water

549 words from a sister that help me avoid disaster

550 sunsets at the beach

551 moments of perfection with those I love most

552 gifts from the sea

553 doggy friends

554 waves at my feet

555 coming home

556 watching da bear be brave

557 hugs from da mama

558 writing with a sister 
(watch close a week from today)

559 playing in the waves with da baby 


  1. I love the beach, therefore I love these photos! Stopping by from Ann's.

  2. So many wonderful gifts, sounds like a very special time.

  3. Such great beach photos! Looks like everyone is having so much fun! Sister hugs are the best! :)