Friday, September 7, 2012

sneak peek friday ~ Sept 7th

it is my second favorite day of the week!
time for peeking into studios
of my friends!
head over to studio jru
to see what jennifer 
and all her friends are up to.

this is what happened in my studio this week:

this piece has  been in process for a while
(you may remember the background)
as i worked with it i knew who it belonged to
and it flowed.

remember the sunflowers?
these pieces came from their leftovers.
the idea of co-creating with God has been present
so if you look closely you will find that
the backgrounds include words
of Scripture.

won't  you share your art with us?


  1. I love all the blues - such lovely shades. I always love flowers too :)


  2. These look wonderful! I love how you worked in all the scripture.

  3. Madre -- How good it is to be co-creators with God. I'm coming from ITS SPF and I'm enjoyin your blog too. This week I'm the Neon Green & Pink Avatar, but I think you would like the story behind her. Blessings Terri

    1. will come visit terri. thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love when a piece starts to just flow like that! Love the scripture behind the flowers. Beautiful co-creations, Julie!! :)