The Joy Dare

1.       Welsh Rarebit for supper
2.      A word found

3.      Texting love at the stroke of midnight
4.      Wise words from an elder
5.      A dream realized
6.      Cards to send to brave girls

7.      Onion rings
8.      A job to return to
9.      Listening in on 98 years of history
10.  New loved ones who become encouragers
11.  Sad boys who cry for their mama in love
12.  Rain on a tin roof as we say goodbye to a much loved woman
13.  Cows that are named

14.  Words of a sister that bless at just the right time

15.  Wise ones who seek after stars
16.  Epiphany celebrations full of love, laughter, mistakes, grace, and God’s presence
17.  Being able to tell the epiphany story as a community and complete the crèche with little ones
18.  Excitement of a sweet little one about to be baptized
19.  God’s Word heard
20.  Holy sounds

21.  baby burros, llamas, and goats on a drive
22.  hearing God in the midst of the prayers of a sister
23.  untying knots
24.  holy meals after long meetings
25.  laughing over lunch
26.  finding one who was lost
27.  hiding under the covers with a cold
28.  seeing "that" movie and agreeing with the hype
29.  Greek food
30.  "a car full of Christian women"
31.  growing deeper with one another
32.  encouraging words in unexpected places
33.  hearing people i love say they are proud of me
34.  baptism practice
35.  the "real" baptism
36.  balcony people
37.  seeing tears as words of truth and hope are spoken
38.  Isaiah 43.1...really...really...knowing it IS true
39.  being together again for Java Jesus after too long of a break
40.  my "tribe" helping carry me through the waters as they rise and the fire when it burns
41. cuddling with Joshua Brayden beast while catching up on Downton Abbey.

42. chicken noodle soup and sprite brought by da bear.

43. women who say yes.
44.  rain on the roof of the church.

45. cleaning Holy space.

47. waiting for snowmagedon.

48. a great deal on buttons.

49. the explosion of fresh oranges on my tongue.

50. a sister who helps me find silliness in "stuff."

51. security for the boy and his family (so proud of him).

52. encouragement for using my voice.

53. red and gold going to the Big Easy.

54. doors.

55. becoming brave again after making brave girl cards.

56. unexpected packages that contain the reminder of community!
57. blooms two years in a row on a plant i normally kill.

58. holy glances.
59. remembering i can wait until i am ready.

60. Word(s) that feed me...always.

61.  this inside...

62. a full day of nothing but art
63. brave words
64. calls to pray
65. sunny drives on a winter day
66. checking in with a sister
67. embellishments
 68. being with the wider church
69.  beds that are a foretaste of heaven
70.  having to many invitations for June
71.  seeing story tellers moving into the next chapter
72.  river views
73.  re-remembering how small the church is
74.  being filled to be sent again
75.  banner processions
76.  hearing Words that are new again
77.  pimento cheese made in love  (thank you KS)
78.  marching during Sunday School sing alongs 
79.  seeing a sister excited about being a Christmas morning kind of way
80.  citrus vanilla bought to free others

81.  more robins than I can count in the yard
82.  visions that become ministry
83.  snow!

84.  packing art supplies for a trip!
85. words that remind me i have gifts
86.  new bracelets
87.  this sky

88.  these words:   "To forgive is to love despite being sinned against...Love is a work of God in the human soul that compels one to give oneself for another, regardless of the cost, so that the other might love God more deeply." Robert Cheong 

89.  prayers answered so far out of left field you know they are from God

90.  da baby going to school!
91.  walking with other brave women
92.  brother bowl
93.  love chapters
94.  red beans and rice
95.  the reminder that all things are new
96.  the Mr.
97.  snow days
98.  Joshua Brayden beast remembering the snow 

99.  God sized dreams
100. retreating!

101.  being silent in community
102.  sunsets on the mountain
103.  morning naps 
104.  Isaiah 54
105.  epiphanies about sacred space
106.  art in silence
107.  learning to "speak" again non-verbally
109.  robins hunting
110.  labyrinths
111.  the valley waking up
112.  "do not fret"
113.  food made in love
114.  turning back to THE "default setting"
115.  permeable barriers
116.  being liminal
117.  letting God get in the way
118.  silent hugs
119.  burying hallelujahs
120.  journeying with brothers and sisters

121. modern day heroes
122. this outside my window

123. blueberry pancakes
124. my last prayer with a beloved reminding them they are dust
125. imposing ashes with clergy colleagues in a coffee shop 
126. a sister's hands on my shoulders in prayer when i have no words
127. burning palms with one who "gets it"
128. da baby's first day of school
129. transforming a space into a holy place

130. heading into the desert with Jesus
131. connecting those who have gifts with those who need them
132. re-remembering i need not "copy" someone to be an artist
133. learning new tricks
134. Lent Madness
135. my first ever attempt at spreecast
136. blankets fresh out of the dryer
137. remembering it is about true love 
138. unexpected lunch plans
139. words that help me remember why i do what i do
140. reality checks that stretch in the best of ways

141.  da baby giggling on the phone when Ama says “funny”

142.  hearing someone say, “love” rather than give up

143.  seeing art find its way home

144.  mending with other women
145.  brave words being heard

146.  soup suppers

147.  finding treasures

148.  opening doors and letting God lead

149.  owies that lead to a dream

150.   almond macaroons

151.  twenty seven minutes and fourteen seconds on skype

152.  doc visits that feel like visiting home

153.  yellow flowers in unexpected places
154.  coffee shop hugs

155.  independent baby girl

156.  birds beginning to nest

157.  making bread

158.  watching twins remember Sunday School with grandma

159.  Psalm 51
160.  being unmasked

161.  a whole lot of cheese
162.  meeting lots of new people who believe in children
163.  fresh raspberries in the winter
164.  organizing cabinets
165.  help remembering that I am healthy
166.  silly puppies who greet me at the door when I am sad
167.  warrior princess on wheels
169.  questions that encourage new priorities
170.  brave words that remind me I am brave too
171.  phone calls from a sister at just the right moment
172.  words pouring out so fast they fly
173.  watching the birds feasting on holly berries and racing the wind
174.  tracks in the snow
175.  kintsugi
176.  birdies checking out new feeders
177.  small snows
178.  tidal waves
179.  manicures
180.  field trips to explore new directions
181.  novels that make my heart smile
182.  balcony people
183.  these words:  “If God seems distant or uncommunicative these days, maybe you’re simply not listening. God doesn’t shout: God’s first language is silence. Maybe in your prayers you are doing too much talking and not enough listening.”  – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

184.  baby cows playing tag
185.  buffalo along the interstate
186.  funny audio texts
187.  daffodils on the road
188.  horses wearing jackets
189.  people from the past breaking into the present
190.  a safe place to just breathe
191.  gathering with colleagues for worship
192.  my silly puppy’s happy noise when mommy and daddy both come home
193.  making the choice for community rather than isolation
194.  the continual reminder that it is harder to love than to walk away sometimes and knowing that loving is the greater gift in the end
195.  that this broken me is a beloved child of God who is loved even when I am a hot mess
196.  remembering that sometimes being tired is just about being tired
198.  da baby running
199.  cuddling with my puppy on a Sunday afternoon
200.  crawling back into bed after exercising and hearing the rain outside
201.  homework again
202.  Grit & Grace
203.  parables about prodigals
204.  thinking I am getting to go to bed early because of the time change
205.  sharing the joy of da baby’s walking with folks on the journey
206.  teddy bears for those who need them
207.  good news about a loved one’s daddy
208.  a hero commenting on my blog
209.  becoming part of an art tribe
210.  losing time watching birdies play outside
211.  the realization that the gifts are endless
213.  seeing my words as I read the psalms
214.  planning for holy week
215.  spring blooms

216.  Mr. Turkey on the side of the road
217.  lunch with a sister to get caught up and hear how God is working in and through us
218.  pastoral visits filled with White Shoulders
219.  first digging of the new Spring
220.  the smell and feel of dirt
221.  da baby at the beach in her chair
222.  celebrations of a godly life
223.  days working in the yard
224.  weeds or a glimpse of spring
225.  sharing a steak sandwhich on the road
226.  trees beginning to bloom
227.  Ephesians 4.25 lived out
228.  words that “shout” to a sister
229.  a boy soaring like an eagle
230.  love in a proud mama’s eyes
231.  knowing Philippians 4.13 is true
232.  dinner fresh from the farm
233.  grieving together as the family of God
234.  a sister checking in because I have been too quiet
235.  the boy spending his day with his three girls
236.  praying for little ones at the altar
237.  exuberant youth in church
238.  realizing as full as this ama’s heart can get, there is still more love to give
239.  sharing the chocolate kind of kisses last thing at night
240.  resurrection breaking into Lent

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