Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Memory of a Hero

I wrote this back in March and am posting it in memory of Tom Schweitzer who was a hero in every sense of the word.  RIP my friend.

Lord I see your child in pain
The anxious frown upon his face
Knowing there is no one to care for him
So much loss has he seen
A child in the depression
A soldier in the war
A worker in the factory
An elder in the church
A man many no longer see
Because he has shoes older than me
Yet he lies in this bed
Resting his weary head
No one to go home to
No one to wipe his brow
And comfort his fretting
Where is his reward
For all he has taught
All he has shared
His soul he will never bare
Yet it is up to us to care
To hear his stories
To love him in your stead
Show us the way Lord
To care for your precious child
To make his last days
A testament of praise
The chance for thank yous
And love
Help me Lord to walk in his shoes.