Friday, March 1, 2013

studios that (in)spire

When we talk about being creative most of us have a picture of our dream studio that comes to mind.  For now though we tell ourselves we would do more art, more reading, more praying, more fill in the blank if only we had such a space.

We talk ourselves out of being creative because the “perfect” space isn’t there.  "That” room is for guests or kids or a play room or a home office.  How much is that we don’t give space to the creative?  Or is it feeling we don’t “deserve” the space?  Or is it that we are afraid?

I know for me it was a mix of all of those things and likely many more I don’t want to look at yet.  In talking with my (in)spired sisters it is clear that even without the dream studio that need to create finds its way into our current spaces…

“My studio space right now is the corner of my couch, with projects piled on the end table and under the end table. *sigh* Wishing for the energy to set up another space, a "real" one, in my basement. For now, the couch and table are my real create space.”

“My chair in the living room with TV trays to hold my stuff. I do have an easel that I set up there too.”

“ My current preferred space is one of my kitchen counters...I like the height and being able to stand while I create - plus access to the sink. But it gets a bit dicey when I need the counter space to actually cook and the art isn't finished, yet.”

“The kitchen sink or a table in the living room behind the couch”

When the time to create comes, we make space for it to happen.
For the first time in my life I have my own “studio.”  We had a guest room with few guests now that our nest is empty.  So I covered the bed with an old door and added a card table.  Ta-da! 

My first ever space that was all mine to create, be messy, and play.  My art and more supplies than I have ever had before have taken over (and I can move the door if we do have guests).

A question about dream studios and current spaces with some sister friends led to sharing about birthday promises that include one converting a home office into a studio space and another remaking a portion of the empty nest into the studio.  One sister even moved taking an art class up on her priority list.  Another is going to paint a room and put her paintings on a wall in her space.

God has given us the ability.  We have the space (even if it is a tiny corner in a room or on the couch).  We have the creativity in us.  What stumbling blocks keep us from taking the space and using the gifts God has given us?

What about you?  What keeps you from claiming the space and the ability to co-create with God? 

Join us next week as we begin putting our (in)spired studio into virtual reality!

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  1. Right now it's just wherever I feel like it, and that is perfectly okay. I knit on the couch and paint on the floor. Sewing is on our kitchen table. Right now I have a great little nook to store everything, but that all changes in June. I have started thinking about what I'll do then. There are advantages to renting a place with mire space than you could ever possibly need. :)

    1. there is something for several spaces for different things. i can only imagine having too much space!

  2. I am blessed with a wonderful space but only for the last few years. for many years my writing space was the dining room table. I find it easier to write and to pray here since that are the two main actions reserved for this space. BUT the quiet here also opens up the temptation of emails and internet distractions and time flying by without getting anything done. guess it is all a learning process.

  3. what a great post, julie! i love my creative space... should say spaces. i seem to take over bits and spots all over the house! :)

  4. Love how open and honest your post is! Your pictures look like my kitchen table and mini art room most of the time. Creativity has to be a priority. :)

  5. I love this! I only just got my own space to create last summer when my older son moved out and into his own home. I laugh that he moved out in the morning, and I was moving in that same afternoon. I have finished my work table--thanks to plenty of 50% off sales at Michaels for the craft storage cubes and my husband's cousin for MDF board for the top. I painted it a beautiful red, called "cinnabar" from Lowe's, and my husband helped me assemble it. It's so clean right now, I hate to mess it up! I'm still looking for the dream studio to put outside next to the pond.

  6. Mine is my little desk area in the shared office/guest room on the third floor of our townhouse. When my desk is cleared away I feel like anything can happen. That's feels good, but rarely happens. This is a great thing to think about having as a goal :-)