Monday, March 4, 2013

multitudes on monday ~ march fourth

These are my gifts,
Not that I want,
Those I already have
Given by the Giver of all

161.  a whole lot of cheese
162.  meeting lots of new people who believe in children
163.  fresh raspberries in the winter
164.  organizing cabinets
165.  help remembering that I am healthy
166.  silly puppies who greet me at the door when I am sad
167.  warrior princess on wheels
169.  questions that encourage new priorities
170.  brave words that remind me I am brave too
171.  phone calls from a sister at just the right moment
172.  words pouring out so fast they fly
173.  watching the birds feasting on holly berries and racing the wind
174.  tracks in the snow
175.  kintsugi
176.  birdies checking out new feeders
177.  small snows
178.  tidal waves
179.  manicures
180.  field trips to explore new directions
181.  novels that make my heart smile
182.  balcony people
183.  these words:  “If God seems distant or uncommunicative these days, maybe you’re simply not listening. God doesn’t shout: God’s first language is silence. Maybe in your prayers you are doing too much talking and not enough listening.”  – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

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  1. 183. Thank you for this reminder. My goal is to embrace the silence.