Friday, February 15, 2013

sneak peek friday ~ february 15th

I was on retreat last week and never got around to posting.  I learned again what happens when I try to "copy" someone else's work...

I hated the results and these pieces will be gessoed over and begun anew.
I re-remembered that when I have a picture in my head I take God out of the creative process...that is a problem for me and likely why I do not like the results.

Pieces begun while on retreat and finished this week:

both gifts for some amazing mentors on this journey.

This was inspired by what I saw out my window.  
Not sure what it will grow up to be.

How have you co-created with God this week?
Please share here or over at Studio JRU.

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  1. all of your colors and layers are so pretty and happy, julie! love seeing what you are working on. i think some of your birds look kinda sweet! ;)