Monday, February 18, 2013

multitudes on monday ~ february eighteenth

here are my gifts,
not that i want
but those i already have
given by the Giver of all

121. modern day heroes
122. this outside my window

123. blueberry pancakes
124. my last prayer with a beloved reminding them they are dust
125. imposing ashes with clergy colleagues in a coffee shop 
126. a sister's hands on my shoulders in prayer when i have no words
127. burning palms with one who "gets it"
128. da baby's first day of school
129. transforming a space into a holy place

130. heading into the desert with Jesus
131. connecting those who have gifts with those who need them
132. re-remembering i need not "copy" someone to be an artist
133. learning new tricks
134. Lent Madness
135. my first ever attempt at spreecast
136. blankets fresh out of the dryer
137. remembering it is about true love 
138. unexpected lunch plans
139. words that help me remember why i do what i do
140. reality checks that stretch in the best of ways

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