Monday, November 12, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~november twelfth

this is my list of gifts...
not that i want,
those i already have,
given by the giver of all

420 blue skies after lots of gray days

421 second chances

422 grace, lots and lots of grace

423 boys who are found

424 celebrations of ministry

425 boys named Samuel who find important things that were lost and return them

426 helping build a legacy

426 being woke up to breakfast on what is going to be a long day

427 coming home after a long day to a clean house

428 the sound of new wind chimes made by da bear

429 watching da baby do new things on skype

430 becoming brave enough to begin sharing hard stories

431 being fed in new ways

432 interacting with new friends

433 new faces on Sunday mornings

434 remember He holds all things together (Col. 1.17)

435 knowing Spirit led words spoke to the heart of another

436 taking God sized risks even when it doesn't feel safe

437 birthday backgrounds

438 Veteran's ~ past, present, and future

439 boys who learn hard lessons as they break old chains

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