Saturday, November 10, 2012

A mountain fairy tale chapter one

Long, long ago there was a little girl who moved far away from her family by the sea to live on a big mountain.  On this mountain there were lots of pretty trees, wild animals, and nice people.  In the woods there were even magic angels who watched over and protected everyone who lived on the mountain.

One day the little girl went to school.  Her teachers were very nice and very smart.  The other children in her class were friendly and made her feel welcome at her new school.  They even sat with her in the cafeteria at lunch time.  She liked her new school on the big mountain very much.

Then one day she went to get a glass of juice during recess.  On her way there she noticed a leprechaun in the hallway.  It seemed that no one else could tell that it was really a leprechaun.  The leprechaun smiled at her but it made her feel scared.  He said nice words but he said them in a mean voice.  She asked one of her new friends about the leprechaun.  Her friend said there were no leprechauns in the school on the mountain.  There were only people and angels.  The little girl thought maybe she was wrong.

Every day she saw the leprechaun in the hallways of her school on the mountain.  He was always nice to her when her friends were around.  One day though she went out of her classroom early.  As she walked down the hall by herself, the leprechaun jumped out of a corner and scared the little girl.  The leprechaun said mean things to the little girl.  She was frightened and ran away.

When she got back to class she told her friend.  Her friend told her again there were no leprechauns in the school.  Maybe the little girl was tired and seeing things that weren’t there.  The little girl thought maybe her friend was right.  Maybe the leprechaun wasn’t real.  She didn’t like to be scared so she tried to pretend there was no leprechauns like her friend said.

One day she went to a big campfire with her friends.  While they were talking, the leprechaun jumped out from behind a tree.  She was very scared but pretended not to see him.  Then one of her friends screamed and pointed at the leprechaun.  The little girl was scared all over again.  The leprechaun was real and he said mean things to them.  When they ran for help the leprechaun disappeared. 

They told the head teacher about the leprechaun.  The head teacher said leprechauns were not allowed at the school.  The head teacher said she would watch to see if the leprechaun came back.

For many weeks the little girl did not see the leprechaun anywhere.  She was very happy and started to forget about him.  Then one day when she was walking in the woods he jumped out behind a tree.  The little girl started to run when she noticed he had one of her friends.  The little girl tried to be brave and yell at the leprechaun but instead he disappeared.  She looked for her friend but couldn’t find her either.

The little girl did not know what to do.  It seemed nobody believed her that there really was a leprechaun.  She sat down by a tree and cried.  Suddenly a magic angel with long pretty hair appeared.  She asked the little girl what was wrong.  The little girl knew she had to tell the truth.  Angels always know the truth.  The little girl told the angel all about the leprechaun.

The angel looked at the little girl with kind eyes and said she would help her show others that the leprechaun was real.  The little girl was still scared but the angel made her feel happy on the inside.  The little girl knew the angel would keep her safe.

The angel took the little girl to her house and after sitting her in a chair she went to get the head angel.  The head angel looked just like Santa Claus and had a nice smile.  He had a soft voice that reminded her of happy things.  She felt safe when she talked to him.  The head angel asked the little girl lots of questions about the leprechaun.  She was afraid but she told him all about the leprechaun and the ways he scared her.  She was worried the head angel would not believe her.

After the head angel heard her story, he said that other little girls had told the same story.  The head angel said he would talk to the leprechaun and tell him not to scare them any more.  At first it seemed to work.  The leprechaun didn’t scare her any more.  Many days passed and the little girl began to feel safe again.

Then one day when she was by herself in the woods the leprechaun found her.  She tried to be brave and not be afraid.  The leprechaun began yelling at the little girl for telling the head angel about him being scary and doing things that were wrong.  He said she had done a very bad thing and no one would like her any more.  The little girl was very sad and told the leprechaun she didn’t want to get him in trouble.  She just didn’t like being scared.  The leprechaun told her no one would believe her because they knew he was nice. 

The little girl went home very sad.  She didn’t know what to do.  When she went to school the very next day the other children laughed at her and said she told stories that were not true.  The little girl felt all alone and wanted to go back to her home by the sea.  By the sea there weren’t any leprechauns.

Chapter 2 will be posted at a later time.  While this tale is told with fictional characters, it is true and parts of it have been told in real life.  Thank you to people like Elora Ramirez, Lisa-Jo Baker and Mary DeMuth who encourage girls to be brave about telling stories about people who make you feel unsafe.


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    1. thank you Mary. Praying for the courage to post the next chapter before going backwards in the story.