Monday, November 26, 2012

multitudes on monday ~ november 26th

here is my list of gifts,
not that i want,
those i already have,
given by the giver of all

380 seeing the boy become a husband

381 being told someone wants to know me because she loves my laugh

382 four generations gathered in prayer

383 dancing

384 being imperfect

385  Saturday breakfasts

386 shopping local

387 unexpected church

388 taking a real holiday

389 getting lost in the studio

390 the Psalms on a hard day

391 phone calls just when i need them

392 feeling peace fall down like a blanket

393 knowing others are loving community

394 new leaders

395 anticipating Advent

396 finishing a series and really, really loving it

397 knowing that background i "had" to do was for a specific purpose

398 hot baths on achy nights

399 middle of the night time with Abba when sleep won't come

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