Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a mountain fairy tale chapter 4

When breathing was the hardest thing to do the little girl became afraid.  Afraid that she would never catch her breath again.  Never know peace again.  It was in those times the teacher would pull her into his lap and sing to her.

The words did not matter.  What mattered was the love and tenderness that allowed her to begin to breathe easier.  Once she was able to sing along the teacher would lead her outside to see what she was missing.

Outside there were flowers, birds, and bunnies.  There were rocks, sticks, and rivers.  So many things she had missed before as she ran from leprechauns.  Together they explored all that had been missed.  She learned how to lie on her back and watch the puffy white clouds as they changed shapes.  She learned when the rain was coming by watching the leaves.  She learned to dance with butterflies and sing with the birds.  She talked with the squirrels and the owls. 

In time the little girls forgot about leprechauns and made friends with those outside her door.  She learned to do new things in new ways.  There were days her heart was so full she thought it would break open. 

She learned to sing with others and to play new games that were fun and life giving.  She learned how to read sacred books and say timeless prayers.  Mostly though she learned about new beginnings and hope. 

She came to know that when the rain came it would only be for a short while and then the sun would come out again.  She began to understand that some friends would go away yet would stay in her heart while others never left.

As time went on breathing came easier.  

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