Monday, October 15, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~ october 15th

this is my list of gifts
not that I want,
those I already have
given by the giver of all

480 good novels that make me think about hard things (Come Alive byElora Ramirez)

481 watching a community lift a worried mama in prayer

482 knowing my jay leno chin is not caused by a life threatening illness (it is the simple things)

483 being woke up for kneeling time

Photo Credit:

484 a sister who helps me find my God lenses again

485 pictures and words of others affirming a nudge

486 fall drives on back roads

487 beautiful quilts on these Tennessee mountains

488 Joshua Brayden beast snoring at my feet

489 chicken enchiladas made by da bear

490 hope found anew

491 text messages full of love
<3 <3 <3

492 watching a brother share miracles

493 little voices half a sentence behind big voices saying holy words

494 encouraging leaders

495 a sister’s answered prayers for her mama

496 seeing the stars as the clouds pass

497 old words made new

498 homeless art finding a home

499 yellow umbrellas

remember to join ann & friends at a holy experience.

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