Monday, October 8, 2012

multitudes on monday ~ october 8

this is my list of gifts…
not that I want,
but those i already have
given by the giver of all

500 watching a big, new, God thing unfold

501 connecting with new sisters

502 care packages on my porch

503 hearing joy as a brother says yes

504 zalads brought home after an hour in line…that is love

505 cuddling with joshua brayden beast under the covers when i feel icky

506 a community beginning in a God way

507 making plans to see some important people

 508 seeing the end of a hard thing and making steps to move forward

509 remembering when community put me back together

 510 being on the “same page” as new sisters

511 cheese quesadillas for breakfast

512 posting the “wrong” memory verse

513 sisters who share their stories

514 new cozy slippers from da bear

515 making sure a dear one has a radio to listen to “the game” while away from home

516 bathing beauty on the beach

517 hockey novels

518 lazy mondays

519 shopping at mercy house!

1 comment:

  1. great gratitudes + luving the pix to illustrate :)
    mine's a photo post of Canadian ThanksGivings..
    Celebrate w/ us? pumpkin pie on offer :)) EnJoy!