Tuesday, October 9, 2012

(in)rl study

While looking for community in a new place God led me to this incredible place named (in)courage.

it was there i began to form relationships with
women who felt like sisters to me.  many of them
i will never meet IRL (in real life),
yet they helped me walk through a dark time.

along the way i discovered the (in)RL study.
i did it on my own and loved it!

now months later i am walking with another
group of women and we are going to do this study
together!  i am excited to see what God will 
do in and through us with this study.

interested in studying with us?
head over to (in)spired and ask to join us.

For where two or three 
gather together as my followers,
# I am there among them.”
Matthew 18.20 NLT


  1. I agree- I have become a part of the family of God throughout the world- especially in the USA since I began reading blogs by so many inspirational Christian writers- and have become good friends with some for whom I have been interceding. I was able to ask for prayer last week when I needed it because of these relationships what have been building. God is connecting us- it's a wonderful things to be a part of. Mary, New Zealand

  2. sorry Julie - would luv to enter this study page but no access code listed so no entry..