Monday, August 20, 2012

multitudes on monday ~ august 20th

it is monday...
time to remember those precious gifts
given by the gift giver...
some silly, some not, all a blessing.

remember to visit ann and friends at a holy experience to 
see their gifts...

620 a brother saying yes when saying no would have been easier

621 rainy days cuddling with joshua brayden beast

622 turtle pie to make tears become smiles

623 sharing said turtle pie with sisters

624 wise words from a mentor

625 understanding the journey of another without words

626 songs that make me dance again

627 seeing da baby wave to da ama

628 putting a picture in my heart to canvas

629 walks in the river that cleanse my soul

630 silly joshua brayden beast chasing fishies and bubbles

631 seeing long standing prayers answered in the best of ways

632 hearing a daddy cry tears of joy for the gift of more time

633 sharing my studio with da mama

634 unexpected naps

635 helmet grins

636 a picture in my head captured by a sister

637 words that still take my breath away

638 seeing the fruit of love

639 friends coming home

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