Wednesday, May 16, 2012

gifts in his word

on this eve of Ascension

there is COMFORT in knowing he is seated at the right hand of the Father (Acts 1)and the the Holy Spirit continues to be with me

there is JOY in the song of the Psalms..."Clap your hands all you peoples"..."Sing praises to God"...these words make me want to dance

there is HOPE that i will understand as he opens my mind to understand his word (Luke 24.45) just as he did on that day.

i am amazed at the God who continues to be as present to me on this day as he was to the disciples on that day long ago.

His words continue to comfort and challenge me.  i want to follow him, yet i still stumble and fall.  my sin moves between s - I - n and S - i - N...that I in the middle tripping me up always.

am i any different than the group there that day? so often not understanding the simplicity of his complex unconditional love for me.

at times running from the touch of mercy, the tenderness of grace.  yet always he catches me as i tire and fall into his arms knowing i am once again home, safe, loved, protected, forgiven, sanctified... and always, always, always loved without end.

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