Wednesday, January 4, 2012

God and gesso

In learning how to use new mediums in art I have made some detours.  As I was working I came to the realization that God’s shaping and molding of us must be a lot like how artists use gesso. 

I started with a beautiful background 

and in my exuberance to make something new managed to make a bit of a mess with it, much like when I fall into sin. 

  I had been pouting about it for several days when it dawned on me I could cover the mess up with gesso and start over.  (again much like when I sin)

So I began to apply a heavy coat of gesso over my mess.  As I did I had the chance to remove some objects completely, but decided to cover them up with the gesso and find a new way to use them.

My epiphany is that is how God works in us.  God doesn’t “take away” our messes, but washes over them with grace allowing those messes, mistakes, detours to be used in new ways in a new day.

Thanks be to God (and gesso!) for the chance to make the broken parts of my life new in ways I could never imagine!  Can't wait to see where God takes me and this piece of art!


  1. What a wonderful object lesson! I wonder if there is a way I might adapt it for my youth Sunday school class.

    1. If you do, please share with me. I would love to see that! I am a recovering youth pastor myself and still see object lessons in things. Thanks for teaching Sunday School!