Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What was lost is now found

 (see note below)

As I ponder how to speak to your people
About roads traveled
Dreams broken
Hope restored
Things that make no sense
You give the gift of resurrection once more
The reminder that happy endings can happen
That we are all part of the same family
And that while we may not understand things
We are firmly held in your loving arms
As you open new doors
And reveal new paths

The picture above was found about 150 miles away from its home after the tornadoes in Alabama and Tennessee last week.  They were found in the front yard of a man living in Fayetteville, TN who grew up in Birmingham.  He brought the picture to St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church.  I posted it on Facebook and received a call from the man's sister.  Turns out his son is in the formation process to become an Episcopal priest and considers himself a Northern Californian while I am currently a priest who grew up in Northern California.  A reminder that it is indeed a small, small world.

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