Monday, March 18, 2013

multitudes on monday ~ march eighteenth

these are my gifts,
not that i want,
those i already have
given by the Giver of all

216.  Mr. Turkey on the side of the road
217.  lunch with a sister to get caught up and hear how God is working in and through us
218.  pastoral visits filled with White Shoulders
219.  first digging of the new Spring
220.  the smell and feel of dirt
221.  da baby at the beach in her chair
222.  celebrations of a godly life
223.  days working in the yard
224.  weeds or a glimpse of spring
225.  sharing a steak sandwhich on the road
226.  trees beginning to bloom
227.  Ephesians 4.25 lived out
228.  words that “shout” to a sister
229.  a boy soaring like an eagle
230.  love in a proud mama’s eyes
231.  knowing Philippians 4.13 is true
232.  dinner fresh from the farm
233.  grieving together as the family of God
234.  a sister checking in because I have been too quiet
235.  the boy spending his day with his three girls
236.  praying for little ones at the altar
237.  exuberant youth in church
238.  realizing as full as this ama’s heart can get, there is still more love to give
239.  sharing the chocolate kind of kisses last thing at night
240.  resurrection breaking into Lent

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