Monday, February 11, 2013

the joy dare ~ february eleventh

here are my gifts,
not that i want,
those i already haven,
given by the Giver of all

101.  being silent in community
102.  sunsets on the mountain
103.  morning naps 
104.  Isaiah 54
105.  epiphanies about sacred space
106.  art in silence
107.  learning to "speak" again non-verbally
109.  robins hunting
110.  labyrinths
111.  the valley waking up
112.  "do not fret"
113.  food made in love
114.  turning back to THE "default setting"
115.  permeable barriers
116.  being liminal
117.  letting God get in the way
118.  silent hugs
119.  burying hallelujahs
120.  journeying with brothers and sisters

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