Monday, February 4, 2013

joy dare ~ feb 4

81.  more robins than I can count in the yard
82.  visions that become ministry
83.  snow!

84.  packing art supplies for a trip!
85. words that remind me i have gifts
86.  new bracelets
87.  this sky

88.  these words:   "To forgive is to love despite being sinned against...Love is a work of God in the human soul that compels one to give oneself for another, regardless of the cost, so that the other might love God more deeply." Robert Cheong 

89.  prayers answered so far out of left field you know they are from God

90.  da baby going to school!
91.  walking with other brave women
92.  brother bowl
93.  love chapters
94.  red beans and rice
95.  the reminder that all things are new
96.  the Mr.
97.  snow days
98.  Joshua Brayden beast remembering the snow 

99.  God sized dreams
100. retreating!

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