Tuesday, January 29, 2013

something new...small world blog hop!

On Fridays I take part in Sneak Peek Friday with Jennifer at Studio JRU.  She has started a new blog hop called "it's a small world" that will take place the last weekend of the month.

I was busy at a denominational meeting so I was unable to take part of the weekend, but am now.  I visited the links at the bottom and found these two great blogs in the midst many.

Brief visits to these spoke to my soul.  

Want to join in?  This from Jennifer:
it is a big world out there. it is a big blogging world out there!
this blog hop is about finding those wonderful moments when you come across a blog or blogger that makes you think that the world just got a bit smaller.that there are people who understand you. people with your same sense of humor. people that share your passions. people with whom you just connect.
welcome every to the first 'it's a small world blog hop'! all about discovering new blogs and new ideas and new inspiration. discovering connections and new friendships. and it is all about sharing your discovery!

step one.

 venture out… by way of my post comments. pick a comment that peeks your interest. click on that person. go to their blog. look around. explore. look at some of their post comments and commenters. click on one of them. go to that blog. look around. explore. discover.
the idea is to click and hop around a bit. some of the blogs you find, you will have little interest in. some of the blogs you find will be right up your alley. one may become your new best bloggy friend! those are the ones that makes this a small world!
when you have made your new, wonderful blog discovery…

step two.

leave a thoughtful comment for them with a compliment about their blog. let them know that you are sharing their blog… because you think it is so wonderful… with the
'small world blog hop at studiojru'!

step three.

come back and introduce us by linking up that blog to the linky for the rest of us to check out. maybe use something descriptive for the title/name so we know a little what the blog is about. (like… artsy, inspiring, photographer, faith, sewing, cooking)

there you have it. simple and fun.
anybody can join this blog hop. you don't have to create a blog post to link up. you don't even have to have a blog! you just have to enjoy discovering people and blogs that make your world just a bit happier. and if you find two, link up two!
linky will remain open for a week.

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