Friday, January 11, 2013

Let my people go!

 Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Before you think it does not affect you consider:

  •  acceptable estimates (meaning those that statisticians say are based on good math and methodology) put the number of modern slaves at somewhere between 27,000,000 and 41,000,000 people.  People who had hopes, dreams, and a heartbeat.
  • 80% are female 50% are children
  •  In 2008, the CIA estimated that there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000,000 American citizens enslaved.

 That means there are more people enslaved today than there has been throughout history combined.

 Human Trafficking generates some $32 Billion in revenue, mostly for organized criminal elements

 In some years, slavery actually generates more revenue and income for organized crime than illegal gun running.

Some economic models predict that slavery will become the biggest source of revenue and income for organized crime by the end of this decade.

An estimated 30,000 victims die each year in the United States from abuse, torture, disease, and neglect.   Many of the unidentified dead bodies that are found are believed to be victims of human trafficking and may never be identified.  Their parents will never know what happened to them.  

Have your attention yet?  

If you are like me the statistics are overwhelming, frightening, and dark.  As Christians we are uniquely equipped to do something about this because we have been set free.  While we may never be in physical or emotional bondage we understand that central to our love story with God is being set free by the grace and mercy of God.  

Below are some links for specific resources.  If you do nothing else, please pray for the victims of human trafficking and consider how you and your community may bring light into the darkness to help set God's people free!

“The spirit of the Lord is upon me . . . He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives . . .” - Luke 4:16-30 

And an amazing song to get you dancing if nothing else:

Thank you to St. Alban’s Davenport IA for the above information presented in an ECF webinar.

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