Monday, January 21, 2013

joy dare for january 21st

Here are my gifts...
not those i want,
 those i have,
given by the giver of all.

41. cuddling with Joshua Brayden beast while catching up on Downton Abbey.

42. chicken noodle soup and sprite brought by da bear.

43. women who say yes.
44.  rain on the roof of the church.

45. cleaning Holy space.

47. waiting for snowmagedon.

48. a great deal on buttons.

49. the explosion of fresh oranges on my tongue.

50. a sister who helps me find silliness in "stuff."

51. security for the boy and his family (so proud of him).

52. encouragement for using my voice.

53. red and gold going to the Big Easy.

54. doors.

55. becoming brave again after making brave girl cards.

56. unexpected packages that contain the reminder of community!
57. blooms two years in a row on a plant i normally kill.

58. holy glances.
59. remembering i can wait until i am ready.

60. Word(s) that feed me...always.

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