Thursday, November 1, 2012

All the saints

Today we celebrate All Saints.  It is easy to speak of the saints of the bible, even those in the church, and those heroes of the world.

I am struck by those saints that go unseen by so many of us...

the maintenance worker who rides his bike to The Close to care for students trapped by a storm.

the mama who shares her written words as she struggles to parent so another mama knows she is not alone

the bagger at the grocery store always ready with a smile and willingness to carry items too heavy for a tired body

the sister who tells the painful story of not knowing how to love a brother in pain

the little girl sharing her story of abuse even when others do not believe her

the sister who dreams God sized dreams with me

the brother who transforms turning his back into a ministry that changes the world one orphan at a time

the little boy who takes a beating for standing up to the bullies hurting his friend day after day

the faceless factory worker who tightens the nuts and bolts that keep my car safe as I drive

the unseen faces of those who pray daily for me, for those I love, and for those they will never meet.

Yes there are those that are obvious saints, ones we read about in books, hear about in sermons, and learn about in the classroom, yet today I am remembering the saints I often overlook.  I thank God for their presence in my life, their witness to the kingdom, and all they do to make this world a better place.

Who are the saints you are remembering today?


  1. wonderful challenge!
    provoking some great new directions of thought ~

    authors who freely send me books to read ..
    drs and therapists working to restore my health ..
    elderly willing to learn the course material i instruct for their health and increased wellbeing..
    children who call or email or fb ..
    a cheerful mom w/ alzheimers..

    thank you , Julie Anna ~ beautiful additions to my day's gratitude [journalling!]

    1. you are too kind...and what a saint you are! always encouraging.

  2. This was so beautiful-- a holy litany. Thank you for playing!