Monday, October 29, 2012

multitudes on monday ~ october twenty ninth

this is my list of gifts...
not that i want,
those i already have
given by the giver of all

440 safety in the midst of storms

441 those who put themselves in harms way to help those in danger during the storms

442 the selfless men and women heading to the areas where their gifts will be used for recovery

443 being an intercessor

444 on line connection to know how to pray

445 the bread of life broken for me

446 a quiet day 

447 God's voice in the quiet

448 conversations with a sister who understands her ministry is in the world

449 holy moments at bedsides

450 visits that end with plants

451 realizing those things with which i struggle are "normal"

452 serenading on a porch

453 trips filled with laughter

454 changing seats to protect one another from danger

455 blooms

456 sharing holy places with sisters for the first time

457 da baby in a fire hat

458 sharing lessons from the journey with one just beginning

459 and of course the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series!

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