Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What happens when God takes a New Yorker and a Californian and throws them together on a holy mountain in Tennessee?

Throw in a dash of the Holy Spirit, a pinch of bravery, a little wisdom, and a lot of questions and you get two women who love discoveries, life, art, and God.

Catherine and Julie are Episcopal priests and sisters in Christ who met in seminary.  Today begins a new journey together as facilitators of (in)spired.  

This group is a little bit of the (in)courage community (found here) that might be of interest to women who are on the other side of fifty, have nests that are sometimes empty, and find spiritual meaning in the intersection of faith, art, and life.

The other side of 50
Looks so different
Than the first

Lessons taught
Remind me I am loved

Each scar a reminder
Of victory

Each wrinkle
a memory

Each gray hair
A testament of time
Good and not

Regrets few
Love dear
Found in one

Pray with me, God
that the next years
are as rich as the
ones past

That memories are not
of wrinkles
or pain
but of You.

This will be a closed group on Facebook in an effort to provide a place we can share with our hair down as we walk together as a community of women seeking to grow closer to one another and God.

In an effort to do so and recognizing this is an online group, we ask that each person commit to the following:
~ everything shared here is confidential
~ we are free to participate as much or as little as we want
~each member is in control of how deeply she shares
~we agree to participate sober
~ for more information please visit:  http://www.incourage.me/heart

By agreeing to these norms participants recognize the right of the facilitators of the group to remove those who do not maintain these boundaries.  All participants will be approved by facilitators as this will remain a closed group on Facebook.  There may occasionally be blog posts on Catherine or Julie’s individual blogs.   These posts will maintain the agreed upon norms for this group.

To join the group send a friend request via Facebook to either Catherine (https://www.facebook.com/catherine.tatem.3)  or Julie (https://www.facebook.com/MotherJulie) and let us know you are interested in joining (in)spired.

And if all this stuff is hard for you, please leave a note below and we will talk you through finding us.


  1. I sent a FB request to Julie and would like to be added to the FB group. Thanks!

  2. Would love to be a part of this group, sent Catherine and Julie a FB request.

    Judy ( Swannie)

    1. found you, you should be in the group now.

  3. I do not do Facebook but am over 50 and have no natural child(although have 2 dogs(girls) Susan

    1. My suggestion for now would be to subscribe to our blogs. Our plan is to write generally in that forum and be more specific in the Facebook group. Let me know if that helps.

  4. Sent friend requests to both of you - definitely interested in joining. When I clicked on the 'women in ministry group' I discovered it was a group for wives of pastors. So this one looks like maybe it's more for me. Retired almost 2 years ago after 17 years of midlife ministry as an Associate Pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church. Would love to be a part of this. BUT the email listed here will not work (blogger won't let me update to my current one...) dtrautwein AT gmail DOT com.

    1. Diana, found you on Facebook and added you to the group!

  5. Sent a friend request to Catherine - would love to participate

    1. Robin,
      Catherine is traveling today and may not get to the computer. If you don't get an invite from her, try friending me. ~j+

  6. Julie, I will send you a Facebook friend request - I would like to be in your group - Janet

  7. Not sure how this will work, but I am over 50 (closer to 60 than I want to admit) married almost 39 years, have two grown children and six grand children. Currently do daycare for my 'great niece' who is age 3. I am considered semi retired and consistently write on my blog and read others.

    1. If you are on facebook click the link above and it should direct you to our page. Or just follow on one or both of our blogs.

  8. I will FB friend you. I'd like to be a part of your group, also. I am co-leading {relatively} empty nesting on (in)couragers.

  9. I did a direct request on the FB page. I think this might be the first group for women over 50 that I've joined--even though I'm over 60. I took a deep breath... and clicked. ;)

  10. I've been looking for such a group!I just turned 50, my nest is empty and I keep wondering what now! :-)

    Sent you a FB request!

  11. I sent a request to each of you. I am so excited about this. Please count me in. I already know a couple of these delightful women. Thank you so much for doing this.

  12. I pray I found all of you! If I missed anyone...holler!

  13. So excited to hear you are leading this group, Julie! I know you are going to be a precious blessing to everyone in the group!!

  14. I would love to join the group...I am 53 and still have 3 kids home and 5 out or married.I dont have facebook,so is it possible to join still? lesliemb58@yahoo.com.is my email so will anxiously wait for words from you both!

  15. Aloha - just sent a friend request. Would love to be a part of this group.

  16. I don't know how to send a message without a friend request on Facebook; I would love to be part of the (in)spired group, and put a request to join there. I'm 64, mother of four and grandma to six, and anxious about community.

    1. Catherine, I received a request to join and added a Catherine. Hope that was you! If not, message me at mthrjulie (at) gmail (dot) com.