Friday, August 10, 2012

studio sneak peek august 10th

fridays are for peeking into the studio...

a big hurdle for me this week was actually putting some of my work on my own walls...i have never been brave enough to do this before.  i make it and give it away.  always.

it took me a couple of days to put it up and it still surprises me when i walk by.  perhaps there will soon be other pieces to join these.

this is my favorite background piece to date...

a little gesso, a lot of mod podge, a little bag onions came in, and a lot of paint.  i have a feeling this will grow up to be a piece reflecting water somehow.

this is a background i have had for a while.  i was given a bag of fabric scraps and it became a piece about blooming...

this is a long standing wip i keep playing with...

i started by putting lace on a panel, then a whole lot of mod podge and india inks.  last night i added ribbon.  not quite sure the point of it, but something inside comes untangled when i work on it.

what are you working on this week?  would love to see...remember to visit jennifer at studio jru and link to other artists.


  1. Yay! Love to see your art work up on your wall! :) Oh that texture and the blue green... love it. Did you actually put the bag on the piece or did you use it like a stamp to make the texture?

  2. i actually put the bag on it...and the bloom piece has bubble wrap...i love that they are so unpredictable!

  3. yummy! I especially like the blue water piece.