Friday, August 17, 2012

sneak peek friday ~august 17th

this week was about untangling knots
so i could find time in the studio

i took joshua brayden beast to the river
to find inspiration 

along the way he chased bubbles
and fishies

i chased God
until i remembered i had already been found

walking in the water
seemed like a great idea
getting out?

not so much

i'm back in the studio again
working on a multi piece work for my daughter
inspired by sunflowers
i am using a new modeling paste
and falling in love
tho' the camera doesn't like it yet

so watch for pics next week
when it has some color

share your work...
i'd love to see it 
and so would the folks at studio jru!


  1. Replies
    1. you are too sweet leslie! thank you!

  2. That looks like a fantastic day out!! :) New modeling paste... that sounds like fun!