Monday, August 27, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~ august 27th

it is monday and time to share
those gifts i already have.
those given by the gift giver
i can lose sight of.
what are they gifts your are grateful for today?
share below or with ann and friends here.

600 laughing through the tears

601 tangible signs of da bear's love

602 joshua brayden beast's head in my lap when i am sad

603 communion in well loved places

604 smiles from sisters

605 fresh tomato pie

606 feeling peace fall down like a river

607 truth tellers

608 words that remind me why i must share painful parts of my story

609 blowing kisses to da baby on skype

610 salad lunches prepared with love

611 practical presents when it isn't my birthday

612 counting down days

613 warm water when muscles are sore

614 hearing a daddy share about unexpected time with his boy

615 stories of God's victory

616 the smell of fresh herbs

617 balcony people who hold my face in their hands in love

618 india inks

619 farmers who never give up

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