Monday, August 13, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~ august 13th

these are some of the gifts i noticed this week 
that i already have...
those things that are priceless 
and cost no silver or gold.
what gifts have you been aware of this week?
visit ann & friends at A Holy Experience to see theirs and won't you share yours?

640 the feel of fall in the morning air

641 finding a real pig in a yard on a city street

642 being back on the water

643 looking up just in time to see the shooting star in the gap between the clouds

644 homemade ice cream prepared with love and freely shared

645 watching my bear step WAY outside of his comfort zone

647 sharing a summer meal with the family God has brought together

648 discovering most of us share the same struggles and can walk with one another through hard patches

649 a sister bravely sharing a very hard thing instead of looking away

650 messes in my cave that untangle the knots in my soul

651 wild hairdos on little ones

652 that half second delay of little voices praying in the words Jesus taught us

653 sharing Scripture in study and seeing others connect the dots

654 my dream book arriving in my mailbox

655 zinnias on my table

656 the jolt of holding my first ever passport in my hands and knowing I can go where God sends

657 watching Joshua Brayden Beast do all he can to avoid putting his paws on the wet grass during his morning constitutional

658 humor amidst mess ups

659 discovering how small the community of believers can be…in the best of all ways

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