Monday, August 6, 2012

multitudes on monday - august 6th

mondays are for remembering
the gifts i already have
those that come from the gift giver
and the lover of my soul.

660 my beautiful, smart, funny, loving daughter whose birthday this week reminds me that while she will always be my baby she is mostly grown up

661 Olympics - Sunday School style with good sports and fantastic teachers who give of themselves

662 the softening of the sky in August light

663 knowing i can sleep in on a day off and still going to water aerobics

664 floating my cares away

665 the smell of rosemary in the rain

666 remembering the end of the story - God wins

667 finding my way in the kitchen again

668 reading Proverbs with sisters i may never meet this side of heaven

669 seeing little ones i love grow up

670 re-remembering that truth doesn't always feel true even when it is

671 time with wee ones in the water

672 hearing da baby giggle

673 two friends listening and finding their way into a pew to hear me preach

674 surprising a bunny on the porch

675 winding roads home from a meeting

677 welcoming brothers and sisters into community

678 biscuits made with love and topped with homemade fig preserves and goat cheese

679 my bear being there when he would rather be in his cave

what gifts are you grateful for today?
remember to visit ann & friends to see theirs.

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