Thursday, August 2, 2012


one day
i tell myself
i will find the magic steps
to find this normal
i hear so much about
this dance of life
so confusing at times
a series of paces
one forward 
three back
four forward
two back
it can be tiring
until i remember
the Lord of the dance
calls each step 
in love and truth
those are the moves
i need to follow
 not magic


  1. Saw an ad the other day for grown-up slippers that have children's slippers attached to the top & turned opposite, so that a child can stand on top of your feet while you dance with her or him. Some days feel like that, with me riding on top of God's slippers, and God saying, "If you're going to step on my toes, we might as well do this dance together."

    1. love that! perhaps i need to buy a pair to remember to let him lead.