Monday, July 23, 2012

multitudes on mondays - july 23

700 hearing little voices in church after vacation

701 fresh figs

702 sharing stories with sisters

703 spinach artichoke dip that made someone late

704 glorious gladiolas

705 encouraging words amidst the tears

706 exciting news about da baby

707 ice packs after hard work

708 a sister’s song that makes my eyes water

709 epiphanies about identity

710 hearing how you are speaks to another

711 Slurpees (couldn’t resist)

712 good test results for a cancer THRIVER

713 seeing an old friend on television doing something she loves

714 unexpected time with a loved one over tea

715 applying for first ever passport with a sister who shares a dream

716 finding sisters in scripture

717 new toys for the studio

718 words on a sign that speak to my soul

719 dreaming of stepping out of the box in a new way 

be sure to visit ann & friends at a holy experience and see their gifts as well.

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