Monday, July 2, 2012

multitudes on mondays - july 2

it is monday...

a day for remembering...

remembering gifts...

not bought...

gifts given...

by the One who loves me best...

my list continues here...

759  friends who understand the need to make icky dressings go away

760  fresh peaches

761  an anesthesiologist with a sense of humor

762  realizing a stranger knows many of the people you love

763  fresh yellow fin tuna for supper (delivered by one who loves you)

764  recliners comfortable enough to sleep in

765  catching up with baby birdies

766  da baby laughing on the phone with da ama

767  flowers delivered to my door

768  nerve blocks post op

769  a phone call expressing love after a rough start together

770  prayer by phone with a sister who knows just the words you need to hear

771  tattered beauty found by the lens of a loved one

772  air conditioning 

773  finding just the right words in the Word

774  meal deliveries

775  someone in need being brave enough to ask you to walk with them

776  presenting God’s beloved as they take the next step on their journey

777  when a sister shows up on your doorstep to say hi

778  seeing a high school friend on television doing something she loves (and is amazing at)

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