Monday, July 16, 2012

multitudes on mondays ~ july 16th

720 waking up to Celtic Thunder  Celtic Thunder - Heartland

721 no more safari band aids

722 reminders in the Word

723 the smell of clean towels

724 picking up nests because babies have flown away

725 joshua brayden beast feeling better

726 two rainy days in a row

727 communion at the bedside of a beloved

728 words from deep within that speak to others

729 pictures of warrior princess that bring tears to ama’s eyes

730 muscles aching from moving in healthy ways again

731 color palettes that make my heart sing

732 prayers of warriors holding me close

733 armor from the great protector

734 watching my bear do a hard thing when it would be easier to walk away

735 the voice of my baby getting comfortable in grown up shoes

736 losing myself in quiet time with my daddy

737 growing into the patina of marriage

738 giving away the work of my heart to ones who “get it”

739 goofy pictures that remind me to smile!

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  1. So many wonderful gifts! So happy to hear you are getting some rain. "The patina of marriage"... love that. Thank you for sharing my color palette! You are such a sweet friend. Love the goofy pictures! :)