Monday, July 30, 2012

multitudes on monday - july 30th

it is monday...

time to see again gifts

given by the gift maker.

these are mine,

what are yours?

680  tomatoes still warm from the garden

681 feeling like a blog star sharing God’s word

682 time with God that leaves me in tears…not all happy, but all good

683 remembering my life is meant to be interrupted

685 being broken open yet again

685 truth found in the Psalms… “you press upon me behind and before me and lay your hand upon me.”  139.4

686 darkness shattered by light

687 playing chase and giggling with a wee one

688 new dreams

689 moving past superficiality in friendship

690 new work unfolding in pieces

691 returning to the pool

692 seeing faces I have missed

693 cool mornings following hot days

694 bare feet in the mud

695 feathers from a friend

696 chilled water melon

697 re-remembering a relationship takes two

698 finding my voice in the pulpit (again)

699 sharing stories with a new friend

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  1. Beautiful list of God's gifts!!

  2. Beautiful list! Those feathers are gorgeous. Remembering our life is meant to be interrupted... love that... what a wonderful gift!

    1. Check out the video of Christine Caine at Passion...that is where it came from. Have a great piece in process reflecting it.