Monday, June 25, 2012

multitudes on mondays

it is monday...
 a day to remember gifts...
gifts i already have...
gifts that cost no silver...
gifts that make my heart smile...
gifts that remind me to give thanks to the Gift Giver...

remember to link up to ann's site  to see the gifts 
others have shared.

779 a slow drive up a windy mountain road

780 seeing juice in new colors that make me smile

781 sharing art with new friends

782 tables made for creating

783 swallows sneaking by to check on babies

784 a lesson learned from a baby bird

785 cuddling with my boys after a week away

786 an ice cold sun drop on a hot day

787 celebrating a holy meal in a place that formed me

789 coming to the table barefoot

790 kind words from dear friends

791 an unexpected message

792 burgers with da baby

793 lunch with fellow travelers

794 hearing new stories that remind me of mine

795 a friend request from someone i admire

796 words that make me remember summers gone by

797 a room full of middle schoolers standing on chairs as they sing praises to God

798 working through a hard thing in a good and holy way

799 warm socks on cold feet


  1. Hi,

    I'm stopping by via Ann's, and I am so glad I have! I smiled at the similarities in our weeks and want to linger a little longer to hear the stories. Hope this week unfolds with so many more blessings!

  2. glad you did! loved your blog.