Monday, June 18, 2012

multitudes on mondays june 18 2012

800 Fireflies at dusk

801 Finding a nest recycled

802 Finding the unexpected

803 Receiving a precious book

804 Being held after a rough day

805 Praying the Psalms

806 Knowing no words are needed

807 Hearing my story in the words of another

808 Remembering I am redeemed

809 Getting lost trying a new thing

810 Returning to the mountain in a new way

811 Timeless prayers with young people

812 New memories

813 Seeing 45 young people singing to our Creator

814 Watching my bear play with his friends

815 Seeing a dream realized

816 Sharing a holy meal at a bedside

817 Being met with a hug after time apart from a dear one

818 Seeing a love fierce enough to fight for what is right

819 Feeling the prayers of multitudes

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