Friday, June 1, 2012

hello June!

sparrow eggs soon to be hatching!

seems i was just putting away christmas things and now it is june!  the months have flown by with increasing speed.  

this week was one of restcleaning, and time on the water.    i also took a great (free) online class mary beth shaw had on textures.  lots of new ideas.

in my art room i finished another set of wind chimes for my daughter...

and a piece for my dear sister who is learning to fly again...

and a piece inspired by a tag (never seek permission to work your curves) on a new pair of pants that was just fun...

and have several wips...

soon i go back to "work" and won't have as much time to play in my room, but since it is where i find God again i will be there as i am able.

make sure you visit jennifer and all the other artists who link to sneak peek friday!  

enjoy your weekend and the month to come.  take time to play, pray, and make art!

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  1. You have so many wonderful things happening here!! Your sister is going to love the encouraging art piece. I love seeing little eggs in a nest. So sweet! :)