Monday, June 4, 2012


i have not been so good about posting gifts daily so i am going to try to do so weekly (and have started a page with the running list) ...

841 hearing from an old friend i miss often
842 a new book discussion group
843 knowing i don't "have" to have the answers
844 remembering "God has got this"
845 realizing a fuss has more to do with love than anger
846 going a whole week without make up 
847 staying in comfy clothes
848 no alarm clock to wake me
849 reading for pleasure
850 quiet in the morning
851 watching birds outside my window
852 a new circle of friends
853 those that gave their lives for our freedom
854 watching a friend fall in love with her new granddaughter
855 seeing a friend's new work place in a gallery
856 those willing to bridge the gap for me
857 women to pray with and for that i may never meet face to face this side of heaven
858 uninterrupted time in my art room
859  time on the water
860 rest
861 work

remember to check out the one thousand gifts each week.


  1. No alarm clock... a wonderful gift! We are bird watchers too. So much fun to keep an eye on them! Women to pray with and for. That is such a special gift!