Friday, June 8, 2012

finding homes

it is friday!  that means a peek in the studio!  remember to visit Studio JRU and Jennifer which is where you may also find this wonderful pic to share!

this was a week back to "work" and so more time was spent finding homes for my art than having time to do art...

this went to a sweet one a dear friend has fallen madly in love with (her first granddaughter!)...

there were some great nest pics...

there was also a fantastic book discussion that i encourage you to check out...

i had an article published about my liturgical series and am continuously amazed at how God is healing me through art. it is humbling to know the work i do glorifies the One who gifts me.

today will be a day of visits with dear ones in an assisted living facility sharing the sacraments, playing with the sermon for sunday, and getting to go see a woman i admire.  

it will indeed be a bright sunshiny day!  


  1. So glad to meet you {coming from Studio JRU}. God is amazing as He gives so many good gifts that overlap - like healing and art and creativity! I see we have similar hearts (reaching out to the body of Christ to usher them into the healing presence of God)...

    I am in love with birds and nests this year because of Psalm 84:3...

    1. glad to meet you too Cindy. will come visit!

  2. Thank you for sharing my print! I love the sweet piece for your friend. Love captured images of nests and eggs!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day planned! :)

    1. thanks for offering it jennifer. it made my heart sing! it was a wonderful night with ann, nicole, and kristy and about 1000 of my favorite women. i was broke open again and today God is refilling me.