Friday, May 25, 2012


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having a new circle inspired me to do several projects this week.  to pick just one to highlight for sneak peek Friday was hard (In The Studio ).  this week's biggest project was inspired by Pentecost and a dear one who shared some of her treasures with me.

it started as a piece of dried honey suckle vine that had been cut out of a fence...

then various treasures were added to it...

until it grew up to be this...

wondering if it might work to keep starlings away without scaring the other birds...

and in case you is a wind chime!  no wind to know how well it sounds, just another hot, muggy day in the South.

Here are a few other pieces inspired by Jennifer's "shine" piece last week (Studio JRU):

the backgrounds had already been done, I liked the idea of transforming them by building on them:

(no new news with the nests today)

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  1. Your wind chimes are so creative! I love how you used such a variety of goodies to make them. Hoping you get a little wind soon so you can hear it! :) Makes me so excited to hear my piece from last week inspired your work. I can see the inspiration. All the layering is so much fun, isn't it?!