Saturday, May 12, 2012

today's gifts

a little behind in posting, yet being behind made me realize how much looking for gifts each day has impacted my perception of each day...even those in which not so fantastic things happen.  it reminds me of doing the examen which was an early part of my formation and continues to speak to my heart.  on this eve of mother's day it reminds me of the joy in doing it with my daughter when she was younger and how blessed that time was each evening.  i pray in time she share it with her precious daughter and that together they see the whisper of God in each day.

today was a day of the past becoming present and being redeemed...

the biggest gift was attending a workshop led by a person i heard speak early in my christian formation.  seeing him reminded me of the gift of those who have taken part in this journey, some in big and obvious ways and others in more subtle and unknown ways.

another gift was hearing my bear share what was a difficult event for him to attend.  the gift being his presence and care for one who had to say goodbye all too soon to his daddy on this eve of mother's day.  the reminder that it was this quiet and deep love he has for others that let me know what a huge heart lies under the tough mountain man exterior.

the difficult gift of this day is the presence of those i no longer see.  the memories, good and bad, have shaped me and continue to mold me.  my prayer is that those that follow me remember me with love and laughter, happy tears, and know the gift of being cherished.  

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