Monday, May 21, 2012

nesting again

earlier this spring i had the gift of watching a nest become a home to three baby robins and share in their journey from little blue eggs to finding their way in the big bird world.  

one of the most heart wrenching things for me to see in this season is broken eggs on the ground.  i am sad for the lost opportunities and after saying a quick prayer am reminded of the need to not let chances God sends to me become like those broken eggs.

recently i noticed a nest above a light fixture outside one of our back doors.  

as it was just in its beginning stages i took it down as i thought about the hazards to wee little birdies sitting above a light switch outside a door we are in and out of and directly across from the nest of aggressive starlings that won't leave their roost on top of the garage or quit troubling the littler birds at the feeder.  

after the second time of taking down a new nest, i left it alone and figured it would be easier to use the other door.  perhaps mama bird knows better than i what her babies need.

so for now our light fixture is home to mama and daddy and baby...

oh make that two babies...  

looking forward to another chance to watch this gift of life.

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